Internship Opportunities

Internship Testimonials

                                                                 Samantha Straley - Marketing Intern - Summer 2016

"During the three months of my internship at ANIMART I was able to become part of the ANIMART marketing team, and learn what it was like to be a marketing associate in the “real world.” I was given real world tasks and projects that included everything from creating a marketing video to creating a launch plan and launching a new project to the outside sales force to creating the ANIMART cowlander. I truly experienced what it was like be a marketing associate on a day to day basis. I was able to put everything that I learned in my classes at college to real life work; I also was able to learn and experience more than what my college classes could ever offer me. ANIMART is an overall great company to work for and be a part of and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. I truly enjoyed my time at ANIMART!"


Valerie Kraemer - Outside Sales Intern - Summer 2016

"The experience and skills I gained from the Outside Sales Internship cannot be taught in a classroom. I stepped out of my comfort zone to see all the aspects of the ANIMART company before going on my own positively promoting ANIMART and selling the summer project products. Seeing different sizes and species of farms exposed me to the plethora of opportunity the animal health field has to offer for the future career of a college student. Having no two days the same was the best part of my summer and I was given independence yet guidance at the same time during my internship. Thank you ANIMART for this tremendous and unforgettable opportunity to gain experience in the animal health field."

Sally Albers - Inside Sales Intern - Summer 2016

"Working as an Inside Sales Intern for ANIMART allowed me to talk to agriculturists from across the country and learn of the diversity of operations that ANIMART can privide products to. Being able to utilize selling techniques with customers over the phone helped me learn more about how to successfully make sales, connect with customers, and explain a diversity of products. The people in the office were amazing to work with, and really do care about helping producers exel which was extremely encouraging and provided a great environment to work in."

Ashley Zastrow - Outside Sales Intern - Summer 2015

"As the Outside Sales Intern, I was privileged to travel to hundreds of different operations to speak with producers. Whether it was a large dairy farm or a small hobby farm, I enjoyed learning about each operation. Interacting with customers was truly fantastic because it was clear to see their passion for agriculture. The atmosphere of the internship pushed me to excel and improve myself with skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity!"

Erin O'Toole - Marketing Intern - Summer 2014

“Interning with ANIMART’S Marketing Department was one of the best experiences I could have had during my summer.  People would ask “Do they have you doing a lot of their grunt work?” Absolutely not! My projects were always different and made me feel as though I was actually contributing something to achieve a goal; not just making copies and running errands. Whether it was designing an ad for the Agriview, working on the 2015 “Cowtalog”, or even attending a Brewer Game with one of our manufacturers there was always a benefit. ANIMART benefited by having a pair of “helping hands” but I benefited even more by learing skills that I will be able to apply in my future endeavors. What I took away from my internship you don’t learn in a classroom!” 

Kelsey Woldt - Outside Sales Intern - Summer 2014

"Working as an outside sales intern for Animart this summer helped to open my eyes as to what the dairy health industry is all about. I got to see all the hard work that goes into selling a product and getting it to the customer. What I really liked about my internship was that I wasn't in an office setting everyday.  I got to go out and see all of Wisconsin while interacting with a variety of people. It was great to see all of the unique farm setups and to hear about how each farm uses different products as to what best fits them.  I am grateful for my experience at Animart as it helped me to further my education!"