DPMS - Hoof Health

Objective: A formalized approach to minimize your dairy's lameness costs through footbath design and management, prevention, detection and treatment.

Footbath Design and Management

  • Evaluate footbath use, product and current hoof health disease
  • Measure and compare solution costs and efficacy
  • Increase footbath effectiveness through increased hoof exposure and proper product usage for herd

Lameness Prevention and Detection

  • Compare lameness events with drops in milk production and measure costs
  • Identify and eliminate factors contributing to poor hoof health
  • Train employees on consistent locomotion scoring and develop a maintenance and prevention plan

Lameness Treatment Training

  • Train staff in footbath use, blocking and other treatments for improved hoof health
  • Develop written treatment protocols with veterinarians utilizing ideal products for effectiveness, safety and residue avoidance