DPMS - Nutrition

Objective: Optimize your herd health and performance through nutrition evaluation and management.

Transition Cow and Metabolic Disease

  • Investigate incidences of metabolic disease and fresh cow health
  • Compare fresh cow health patterns with ration and composition reports to pinpoint problems
  • Balance transition cow nutrition program to be cost effective and minimize production loss, reproduction problems and treatment costs

Feed Bunk Management

  • Measure actual feed intake and compare with formulated paper ration to address discrepancies
  • Monitor composition changes and compare against production
  • Formulate plan to minimize waste and shrinkage costs

Youngstock Management

  • Evaluate rations and body condition score of heifers to monitor overfeeding in order to prevent associated reproduction effects and feed costs
  • Determine potential patterns in metabolic diseases with first calf heifers
  • Develop least cost programs to stimulate healthy growth and development to encourage heifers to reach full genetic potential