DPMS - Other Services

ANIMART's mission is to be your preferred animal health supplier with a focus on providing solution to you through a passion for innovation and a serious commitment to exceed your expectations through responsiveness and teamwork.

Everything we do, every action we take and every decision we make is with you in mind. ANIMART offers a variety of servies to help with your specific needs for a successful operation. ANIMART is in tuned to customer needs and ready to work with you. CLICK HERE to Request a Service.

VFD-FREE Vet Services

  • Review common issues producers treat with VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive) drugs: respiratory disease/pneumonia, scours, enteritis and inadequate weight gain
  • Identify ways to control and prevent disease without VFD products: ventilation design assessments and protocols for vaccination, newborn calf care, equipment cleaning, and colostrum collection/administration
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Review and Develop SOPs

  • Distinguish inconsistencies in staff performance within situations
  • Determine top priority situations for SOPs
  • Motivate employees by setting standards for job performance and expectations

Diagnosis and Treatment Training

  • Identify major discrepancies in animal health procedures
  • Establish uniform diagnosis and treatment procedures to eliminate errors and encourage more accurate treatments

Custom Employee Training Program

  • Highlight areas lacking in staff knowledge and/or skills
  • Create tailored training programs specific to employee needs
  • Increase animal health through employee knowledge and performance

Specialized Vet Services

  • Provide health certificates
  • Respiratory work-up
  • Laboratory diagnostic services

Additional Services Include: