DPMS - Reproduction

Objective: Identify opportunities to improve your farm's pregnancy rates.

Pregnancy Rate Evaluation

  • Develop understanding of current reproduction program, inputs and costs
  • Assess limiting factors of current pregnancy rate, heat detection rate and conception rate and the causes for those limitations
  • Help maximize profitability through reduced calving intervals, services per conception and replacements and internal growth

Synchronization Protocols

  • Analyze synchronization program specifics and compliance
  • Compare time and labor efficiency and costs
  • Measure results to determine ideal synchronization program and increase protocol compliance for improved conception rates and reduced semen and hormone costs

Heat Detection

  • Monitor current heat detection methods, rates and accuracy
  • Analyze hormone, semen and labor costs
  • Help design strategies for more efficient detecton of heats with fewer days open and vet checks

Obstetrical Training

  • Investigate current calving events, such as stillbirths, and fresh cow health to identify potential problems
  • Evaluate employee performance as well as antibiotic and equipment usage
  • Implement employee training and develop protocols