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We offer a full selection of convenient testing options that are low stress for your animals and help you reduce the guesswork involved in caring for your herd. Download Lab Testing Brochure.

Early Preg 28 - Blood Pregnancy Test

Designed to detect pregnancy in cattle, sheep, goats and buffalo as early as 28 days post- insemination without invasive palpation.
  • Accurate results 28 days post-breeding
  • Convenient and versatile, allowing you to schedule pregnancy testing when it fits your schedule
  • Cost-effective and efficient way to identify open animals to re-breed on next cycle
  • Non-invasive and Embryo safe, reducing the risk of damaging a pregnancy and causing embryo loss

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Easy Preg - Milk Pregnancy Test

Accurate milk pregnancy test designed to confirm or detect pregnancy in cattle or goats as early as 28 days post-insemination without invasive palpation. Test must be performed 60 days post calving to ensure accuracy. 
  • Convenient, efficient and low stress
  • Take milk samples from cows, no needle or special training required
  • Schedule testing when it is right for you and the animal
  • Confirm and dry-off checks on the dairy can easily be taken before milking
  • Take samples daily to reduce days open
  • Milk sample can be fresh, frozen or preserved
  • Get samples in the parlor
  • No locking up, no feed and comfort disruptions
  • No physical contact that can cause injury or spread disease

This is a good test to utilize as a confirmatory test at 150 Days Carrying Calf.
This test can be combined with the Johne’s milk test to check cows prior to dry off to see if the cow is still with the calf and to see if her colostrum can be used for her calf once she freshens.

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Johne’s Test

Johne’s Disease is an incurable wasting disease. It is an infectious bacterial disease of livestock that primarily affects the intestinal tract. It is spread from one animal to another in manure tainted food or water. The microbe can live in manure and/or water for over a year.


  • One in 10 animals moving through livestock auction facilities has Johne’s Disease*
  • Eight out of 100 U.S. beef herds are estimated to be infected with this devastating disease*
  • 68.1% of U.S. dairy operations are infected with Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP), the bacteria known to cause Johne’s Disease*

*National Institute of Agriculture.

Testing Method:

The laboratory uses a USDA approved ELISA (enzymed-linked immunosorbent assay) for the description of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis-specific antibodies in serum and milk of cattle.
The sensitivity and specificity performance, as well as the suitability for standardization of the ELISA technique, make it a preferred serologic method for antibody screening.

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BVD Individual Tests

BVD is a common viral disease of cattle that results in significant economic losses. Individually, a producer can experience up to a $56 loss per cow in a herd where a persistently infected (PI) animal is present.  The seriousness of this disease has grown to the point where the Academy of Veterinary Consultants has adopted a position statement to control and eventually eradicate this disease from North America. Eradication of this virus is difficult as PI calves often survive while appearing to be fully healthy. When PI calves enter production channels they shed enormous numbers of virus particles - up to 10 million particles daily - infecting otherwise healthy cattle. PI cattle are the main source for transmission and spread of BVD.

Testing Method:

The lab begins the search for BVD PI animals by using the PCR screening method. PCR provides an exquisitely sensitive and specific tool for rapid detection of the BVD virus. The incredible signal amplification of this technology means that simultaneous screening of multiple samples is possible. Proper controls are run insuring that no BVD PI positive animals are missed.

The lab provides incredible accuracy and prompt results for quick decision-making. The lab also provides follow up testing on all positive animals.

Detect BVD PI calves as soon as possible after birth in order to cull these animals to protect the future of your herd.

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Mastitis Profiling

This DNA technology provides a solution for mastitis identification with high accuracy and quick results. The lab offers two mastitis testing programs using PCR technology for Contagious and Environmental pathogens:

• Individual
• Pooled Sample Screening
• Bulk Tank Testing

In approximately 20-50% of bovine milk samples taken from animals with clinical mastitis, no
bacterial growth can be detected using conventional culturing.

EasyPreg is an accurate milk pregnancy test designed to confirm pregnancy in cattle prior to dry off. Additionally, Johne’s Disease is an incurable, infectious bacterial disease of livestock that primarily affects the intestinal tract. It is spread from one animal to another in manure tainted food or water or through colostrum.

Feeding newborn calves colostrum from a Johne’s positive cow increases that calf’s chance of being infected with the Johne’s bacterial disease. If a calf becomes infected, there is a higher risk of infecting other calves throughout its’ life.

It can be beneficial and cost effective to run both of these tests prior to dry off, by confirming that the cow is pregnant and is Johne’s negative. Chances are you have heard or have had it happen where you were advised that a cow was pregnant, but the cow aborted without your knowledge or the confirmation of pregnancy was inaccurate. The cow is dried off, to find out later that she is not pregnant. You are now stuck with a cow until meat withhold has been met because of the dry treatment therapy. Also verifying she is Johne’s negative protects the future of your herd from being exposure to this wasting disease.

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