Veterinary Service FAQs

What is a Veterinary Serice Unit (VSU)?
Every service we offer is assigned a Veterinary Service Unit (VSU) value or range. Services that require a higher level of expertise and more time are assigned a higher VSU value. Note: Due to state licensing requirements, some services are limited to certain geographic areas.
How do I earn a VSU?
You earn 1 VSU for every $10,000 worth of ANIMART purchases. 
VSUs are tallied at the beginning of each calendar year. They are calculated using your previous year’s purchases of both prescription and non-prescription products. Example: $50,000 in purchases = 5 VSUs. The earned VSUs expire on December 31.
Why do some services list a range of VSUs?
These services are customized to your needs. Our Veterinary Services Team will consult with you prior to scheduling a customized service to determine the objectives, the amount of time required and the number of VSUs required.  
Can I utilize a service even if I don’t have enough earned VSUs on my account?
Yes, VSUs are available for purchase at a rate of $150* each.
How do I schedule a service?
Contact our Sales or Veterinary Services Team or Submit a Service Request.
Is travel time included in the VSU?
Yes, travel to and from your location is included in the VSU. 
*Rate is subject to change.