How to Apply Boot Block

How to use a Mixing Toe

Use Hoof-it Powder and Liquid acrylic in a well ventilated area. Wear latex gloves as mixing the two substances together will cause a heat reaction. 

Pour liquid up to the line in the mixing toe. One capful of liquid to measure which is approximately 25 ml.

Pour powder into the rest of the mixing toe, approximately 50 gm of powder. Do not fill toe completely, using room for mixing. Use mixing stick to gently push powder into liquid. Once a majority of powder is in liquid, mix quickly. Use stick to push substance to the top of the mixing toe. Slide wood block into the bottom of the mixing to. Use mixing stick to pull mixture onto block three quarters of the way leaving about an inch of block exposed.

Quickly apply block to good claw using mixing toe as a guide around hoof. Be sure to not press to hard, leaving about 3/16 of an inch of glue in between the claw and block. Use the mixing toe to smooth excess glue around the claw to help hold the block on.

Keep the hoof in the air for 2-3 minutes allowing to dry and harden. Release hoof quickly allowing cow to put weight entirely on block. Allow cow to adjust weight to the block for a few seconds to make sure block stays on. Release cow from holding chute.

Mount the block under the healthy claw to take the weight off of the sore claw, thereby giving it a period of rest and removing the reason for being lame. However, once this is accomplished and the sore claw is again healed and capable of working. 

As a guideline, I suggest that a block be left on for no longer than 6-8 weeks and it should be regularly checked for its performance. A block is a great tool, but it is meant for limited duration: take it off when the job is done to eliminate the risk of over-burdening the ‘healthy’ claw.