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BVD is a common viral disease of cattle that results in significant economic losses. Individually, a producer can experience up to a $56 loss per cow in a herd where a persistently infected (PI) animal is present.  The seriousness of this disease has grown to the point where the Academy of Veterinary Consultants has adopted a position statement to control and eventually eradicate this disease from North America. Eradication of this virus is difficult as PI calves often survive while appearing to be fully healthy. When PI calves enter production channels they shed enormous numbers of virus particles - up to 10 million particles daily - infecting otherwise healthy cattle. PI cattle are the main source of transmission and spread of BVD.

Testing Method:

The lab begins the search for BVD PI animals by using the PCR screening method. PCR provides an exquisitely sensitive and specific tool for rapid detection of the BVD virus. The incredible signal amplification of this technology means that simultaneous screening of multiple samples is possible. Proper controls are run ensuring that no BVD PI positive animals are missed.

The lab provides incredible accuracy and prompt results for quick decision-making. The lab also provides follow up testing on all positive animals.

Detect BVD PI calves as soon as possible after birth in order to cull these animals to protect the future of your herd.

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