Calf Pullers

In most cases during calving, the calf can be pulled by hand after correcting its position. There are still some instances where a device (Calf Puller) is needed to safely remove the calf.

The following chart provides information on Calf Pullers available at ANIMART. It is a good idea to have a Calf Puller on-hand in-case of emergency. For more information call 855.254.6600.

Additional items including lubricants, OB Sleeves, straps and chains are also available for assisting with a difficult calf. For information on those products, click here.

Stone Ratch-A-Pull

  • Longest and Strongest available
  • variable side-to-side pull for maximum control
  • Pole threads at midpoint for easy breakdown and assembly
  • Precision hook design prevents slippage or slack
  • Measures 77"     

Calf Puller - Dr. Frank's

  • Heavy-duty calf puller
  • Utilizes a smooth shaft with a cam-style jack
  • Measures 34" wide
  • Includes: friction jack, rods, breechen, web strap and chain

Calf Puller - Vink

  • The only single-handed calf puller
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Construction allows for normal birth or posterior presentation

Hecules Fetal Extractor

  • Zig-zag action for difficult calvings
  • Disassembles in the middle
  • Measures 65"