Accounting Mission Statement:

The Accounting Team will work with Sales, Purchasing, Operations, IT, Marketing, Professional Services, HR, and the Executives to produce accurate financial data, provide relevant reports, manage cash flow and manage risk so that we support the ANIMART mission.


The Accounting Department provides accounting services and financial support to ANIMART.  The Accounting Team records accounts payable and receivable, inventory, fixed assets and all other financial elements.  The Team reviews the records of each department to determine the company's financial position and any changes required to run the organization cost effectively.


An A+ employee in the Accounting Department would have:

  • Clear understanding of Accounting (Educated and Experienced)
  • High Attention to Detail
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • High Integrity
  • Motivation
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Effective Organizational Skills
  • Alignment with Other Individuals/Departments
  • Potential that Aligns with Company's Goals