Global Sales

Global Sales Mission Statement:

The Global Sales Team will work closely with Purchasing, Operations, and Accounting to provide client solutions, support the sales process and drive revenue to support our ANIMART Mission.

Our department covers the International and National Producer Segments as well as Dealer, Distributor, and Vet Segments.  The Global Sales group is made up of sales representatives with their own customers, customer types and regions. 

The Global Sales Department is looking for individuals who use their experience and knowledge of their customers' business to push the customers thinking and take control of the sales conversation. The sales rep who can challenge their customers, teaches their customers.  They focus on insight of what a product can do for the customers' business.  This rep brings ideas to their customers on how they can make money or save money.  They are comfortable with tension and they know how to work/sell around barriers like price.

When hiring for any of these positions, we are looking for an employee that has the following credentials:

  • Proven sales background and experience
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry based on experience
  • Ability to network and utilize contacts
  • Hunter mentality - self-motivated and able to think out of the box
  • Effectively brings in ideas and suggestions for products and solutions
  • Entrepreneurial mindset - able to think on your feet and adjust when curveballs come their way
  • Goal driven and consistent
  • Sells on knowledge and value - not price
  • Well informed on what's new in the industry
  • Attention to Detail