Outside Sales

The Outside Sales Mission

The Outside Sales Team will work closely with Inside Sales, Professional Services, Operations, and Accounting to drive revenue, support producers, represent the BRAND, and gather market intelligence so as to support our ANIMART Mission.

Our team sets our sights at taking care of customer needs, following through on questions, educating on products and services, and driving to meet company goals to enhance our business.  We take care of our clients in a way we would hope to be treated.  By making appointments, reviewing order history, and looking for solutions our team strives to be an integral part of our clients operations.


To be Successful, the Outside Sales Department is looking for candidates that have: 

  • A background in production agriculture
  • Public Speaking skills
  • A desire to work with producers
  • Good detail skills
  • A positive attitude
  • A drive to meet Sales Goals
  • The ability to be organized, make appointments and phone calls to clients
  • Review call notes
  • Funnel information
  • Enjoy travel
  • Work well with others