Professional Services

Professional Services Mission Statement:

The Professional Services Team will work with Sales, Marketing and Operations to help producers optimize the use of prescription products, be a resource for their other related animal health needs, to serve as the Technical/Professional face in the industry and be the Veterinary subject matter experts for the organization so as to support the overall ANIMART mission.

The Professional Services Team at ANIMART has a very important task.  It is our job to help our clients be as successful as possible.  We do that in several ways.

First, we help our clients develop treatment and vaccination protocols that will protect their animals from common diseases and will facilitate a faster return to production for those animals that do fall ill.

Second, we assist our clients' profitability when designing these protocols by offering them unbiased recommendations of products to be used that best fit their management practices and business finances.  In addition, we help them monitor their drug usage and manage their inventory to minimize costs.

Third, the Professional Services Team continuously works to develop new services that not only benefit our clients but the local veterinary community as well.

Lastly, the Professional Services Team is actively trying to develop a comprehensive consulting service that can assist our clients to more efficiently manage their operations.

The ANIMART Professional Services Team is always looking for energetic, cutting edge Veterinarians who share our passion for the dairy industry and our admirations of those within it to help achieve our goal of being the premier partner to Midwestern Dairy Farms.