Staff Testimonials

I started at ANIMART 14 years ago, right after I graduated high school.  Growing up on a farm I wanted to join a business that was accustomed to the industry.  Understanding the urgency of medication needs with my agricultural background made me proud to know that I would be helping product get from shelf to the producer in a timely matter 

I stay at ANIMART because of the culture they promote.  Exceeding Expectations and responsiveness we provide not just for the producer but with each other internally.  Knowing that I serve a purpose to get the producer what they need is rewarding in itself.  Whether I'm taking an order, packing a box, approving an order for shipment/delivery or taking care of a prescription I know every little bit is important each and every day. 

ANIMART has invested not only in my professional growth but my personal growth as well.  They have offered classes from the local tech college at ANIMART to make it convenient to participate in a class during the work day.  They are also willing to work with me and let me take personal growth classes.  They really do understand that a growing business must have growing employees and they take the time to invest in us. 

I would tell a prospective employee "If you want to be a part of a culture where you know each and every day your job makes a difference, going above and beyond is encouraged, and knowing your participation actually means something, ANIMART is the place to work!"


I chose to work at ANIMART because of the ability to work directly with farmers on a daily basis.  Also, I felt the pay and benefits met my needs.  I have been with AIMART almost two years and I stay because of the opportunities that are offered.  During my time here I have learned a lot about the dairy industry and how to help the producer over the phone.  I have also been able to improve my phone communication skills.  Everyone is great to work with and always willing to help.  ANIMART provides many opportunities to grow.


I chose ANIMART as my employer because they have given me the opportunity to grow and make advancements as an employee.  I have been with ANIMART for two months and what I have noticed most is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere  Everyone is a team player so we work together to meet our goals and accomplish our tasks. 

I would tell a potential employee that ANIMART is a great place to work.  They promote and fill positions from within so you have the opportunity to make changes or to better yourself.  They will also give you the opportunity to strengthen or learn new skills.


I started working at ANIMART a year ago.  I chose to work here because of the set hours, the competitive salary, and the fact that I didn't have to move.  I have stayed with ANIMART because I love my job and my opinions are respected.

ANIMART has helped me grow and develop by providing computer training, paying for my continuing education and they have provided many opportunities for me to write technical bulletins and give presentations.  It's an excellent place to work, where problems are dealt with quickly and fairly.  They are flexible and work with you as long as you are willing to work.  They reward commitment and hard work, and provide a positive atmosphere where you can thrive and perform to the best of your abilities.  They provide the tools needed to excel.


I was attracted to the small company/family atmosphere.  It was also a growing company.  I felt that my opinions would matter here.  I also liked that it was much closer to home.  I have been with ANIMART for over four years and I love the ever changing, fast paced, challenging feeling of coming to work every day.  We continue to grow and help to advance the Dairy Industry. 

ANIMART is also very flexible when it comes to family priorities.  I have been given the opportunity to manage a department and utilize my 30+ years in the workforce.  They challenge me daily and allow me to grow professionally as the company grows.

ANIMART is a growing organization that will utilize your experiences and expertise to help you grow in your profession.  If you succeed, they will succeed too.


I started at ANIMART three years ago in the warehouse.  ANIMART has provided great job security and it's a family oriented company.  They continue to support my professional growth and others by promoting within the company first when they are able to. 

ANIMART is a great company that is on the RISE and they create a great working environment.