Chlorine-Dioxide Based Teat Dips

DioXX Pre-Post™

• Combination of Chlorine Dioxide and glycerin teat dip plus long-lasting bactericide.

• Optimal level of lactic acid provides gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and removes keratin build up without harming healthy tissue.

• Best In Class Skin Conditioning: Glycerin promotes smooth, soft and healthy teats.

• Improves Teat Ends: Effective in the prevention and treatment of mastitis and hyperkeratosis (the rough raised rings at the teat ends).

• Visible From a Distance: Bright yellow color is highly visible on teats.

• Mix Base and Activator for complete system.

NPE Free

Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE’s) are endocrine disrupters. Only 17% is biodegradable with the rest reaching the water and soil. There are a number of ill effects caused by Nonylphenols to humans and wildlife including but not limited to reproductive disorders, birth defects and suspected links to cancer.


DioXX Barrier™

• Post-dip will sanitize and protect teats between milking’s.

• Chlorine dioxide will remain germicidal on teats for up to 12 hours.

• Long lasting residual bactericide.

• Distinctive yellow color.

• Mix Base and Activator for complete system.