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Popular Questions From Our Customers:
Calf Health
Q. My calves are getting yellowish scours at 7 to 10 days and are getting very sick within a day after we first notice. What might it be and how can I treat it?...Our Solution
Dry Cow & Fresh Cow Health
Q. What can I do to control Staph Aureus and what steps can I take to combat this both in the Dry and Lactating period?...Our Solution
Fly & Pest Control
Q. What are some easy ways to minimize fly populations on-farm without spending much money?...Our Solution
Identification & Recordkeeping    
Q. What tips can you give for writing vaccination protocols for my operation? We want to keep it very user-friendly?...Our Solution 
Our Video Blogs:  
Learn about ANIMART's BVD Control Plan  
ANIMART Sales Manager sits down with Dr. Richard Ernsberger to talk about the importance of testing for BVD in your dairy herd. Click on image to Watch Video.
Top 3 Animal Health Producst of 2010!
Join Tom and Wayne on ANIMART’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and ANIMART staff holiday greetings. We were privileged to help find solutions for your operation in 2010 and we look forward to bringing you more innovative solutions in 2011. Click on image to Watch Video. 
St Nick Delivers Calf Supplies to a Farmer
St. Nick hears a farmer wants calf sleds,calf warmers, and calf carts, and makes a Christmas delivery just in time for those cold winter days. Like Farmer Shawn, keep your calves warm this winter with these products! Click on image to Watch Video.


ANIMART Staff Boot Fashion Show
Muck Boots are the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. The Muck Boot defines a standard of comfort and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers. Click on image to Watch Video.
Calf Jackets & Other Winter Must-Haves
For warmer, healthier calves, a Calf Jacket provides a barrier against wet bedding, drafts and cold air, allowing the calf to put its energy into growth.
Click on image to Watch Video.



 Dairy SolutionsThe healthier your dairy herd, the better your bottom line.

Your goal is our goal:  We want to help you maximize profits.  And the best way to do that is to help you keep your herd healthy.  ANIMART can help by delivering individualized, proactive dairy solutions.

Our services include:

Providing guidance on herd management.

As part of your herd advisor team, our veterinarians and account managers can help develop herd management and vaccination programs which optimize herd health and production.

Problem solving. 

Livestock health involves many factors such as nutrition, housing, environmental conditions, ventilation, vaccination programs and the introduction of herd replacements. ANIMART veterinarians can help your team on various herd health challenges, including milk quality, calf scours, pneumonia, reproduction, nutrition and lameness.


Livestock medicines are an important tool in the treatment and prevention of disease.  ANIMART's veterinarians can review the use of medicines on your farm, make recommendations and develop drug budgets and protocols to ensure correct treatment methods, effective treatment response and assure food safety. 


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