Dairy Video Blogs

Track a))) Cow Interview - What will Track a))) Cow do for your dairy?

Watch as Joe Stevens, ANIMART Reproduction Specialist interviews A-OK Dairy about why they chose the Track a))) Cow reproduction system and what improvements they have seen since installing it. Watch Video



Personal Protective Equipment to Help Meet OSHA Standards and Keep Employees Safe

As the scale of farms increase and have more employees, the need to follow safety restrictions set in place by OSHA becomes increasingly important. Personal Protective Equipment for employees to use while handling chemicals is an important area covered by OSHA. Watch Video



On-Farm Milk Culturing Solutions Provide More Accurate Mastitis Interpretation

Mastitis accounts for 80% of antibiotic usage on farms, but accurate and effective treatment can be difficult without know what pathogens we are dealing with. On-farm culturing helps identify mastitis pathogens for more targeted treatments to increase cure rates and decrease costs. Watch Video



New Refractometers Save You Time!

We want to make your life on the farm easier. Learn how the New Digital Refractometers can be used for checking quality of colostrum as well as Total Protein for evaluating failure of passive transfer. Click on image to Watch Video.



Bovamine - ANIMART's Solution to Increasing Feed Costs

According to University studies, Bovamine can increase feed efficiency by up to 4.3%. Bovamine also helps with E Coli shedding and has a derived benefit to the overall health of the animal. This solution is Win-Win! Click on image to Watch Video.



BioPRYN Pregnancy Testing

BioPRYN saves time and money and increases the safety and accuracy of pregnancy testing. ANIMART Sales Manager, Tom Klas, and Veterinarian, Dr. Richard Ernsberger, talk about the benefits of using BioPRYN pregnancy testing and how it works. Click on image to Watch Video.

Prevent Pinkeye in Your Herd this Season! 

Although cattle can suffer from pinkeye during anytime of the year, vaccinating cattle 30 days prior to fly season is key to preventing pinkeye in your herd. Dr. Ernsberger, Professional Services Veterinarian and Tom Klas, Sales Manager talk about pinkeye prevention and fly control solutions for your herd! Click on image to Watch Video.
 Learn about ANIMART's BVD Control Plan 
ANIMART Sales Manager sits down with Dr. Richard Ernsberger to talk about the importance of testing for BVD in your dairy herd. Click on image to Watch Video.
Top 3 Animal Health Products of 2010!
Join Tom and Wayne on ANIMART’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and ANIMART staff holiday greetings. We were privileged to help find solutions for your operation in 2010 and we look forward to bringing you more innovative solutions in 2011. Click on image to Watch Video.

 St. Nick Delivers Calf Supplies to a Farmer
St. Nick hears a farmer wants calf sleds,calf warmers, and calf carts, and makes a Christmas delivery just in time for those cold winter days. Like Farmer Shawn, keep your calves warm this winter with these products! Click on image to Watch Video.


ANIMART Staff Boot Fashion Show
Muck Boots are the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. The Muck Boot defines a standard of comfort and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers. Click on image to Watch Video.
Calf Jackets & Other Winter Must-Haves
For warmer, healthier calves, a Calf Jacket provides a barrier against wet bedding, drafts and cold air, allowing the calf to put its energy into growth. Click on image to Watch Video.