Dairy Production Management Services

Your operation faces many challenges. ANIMART offers Dairy Production Management Services to help your dairy succeed.

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Dairy Production Management Services Include:

Milk Quality

  • Parlor and Milker Assessment
  • Teat Condition Scoring
  • Cleaning System Analysis

Calf Care

  • Vaccination Programs
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Colostrum Management


  • Transition Cow and Metabolic Disease
  • Feed Bunk Management
  • Youngstock Management


  • Pregnancy Rate Evaluation
  • Synchronization Protocols
  • Heat Detection
  • Obstetrical Training

Residue Avoidance

  • Records Assessment
  • Animal Facility Walk-Through
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Employee Training and SOPs


Hoof Health

  • Footbath Design and Management
  • Lameness Prevention and Detection
  • Lameness Treatment Training

Cow Health

  • Fresh and Dry Cow
  • Cow Comfort
  • Vaccination Programs

Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

  • Establish and Maintain VCPR

Other Services

  • Review and Develop SOPs
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Custom Employee Training Programs
  • Specialized Vet Services