Fly Predators

What are fly predators?

A species of insect that is a natural predator of flies that preys on the immature fly pupa.  They are not pests-they do not bite or sting.

A proactive method of controlling flies:

How to use:

Begin Fly Predator program before first flies appear.

  • Program begins when temperature is consistently above 60º
  • Program ends when temperature is consistently below 60º

Fly predators should be spread in areas where maggots are present, instead of areas where adult flies are present.

Works best when used as one part of a comprehensive fly control prgram and not as a spot treatment.

What To Order:

  • 1,000 Fly Predators/cow/month (confinement)
  • 1,500 Fly Predators/cow/month (grazing/organic)


  • Fly Predators are shipped based on a customized delivery schedule
  • Recommended every week for 100+cows
  • Live delivery is guaranteed
  • Shipments stop when temperature drops below 60ºF