Hoof Trimmer Advantage

Its FAST and EASY!
QuickBlock is dispensed with an auto-mixing gun. Sets in 30 seconds. No hand mixing or waste.
Quick-Block is a state of the art fast-setting adhesive used to glue rubber and wood blocks to cow hooves. This strong adhesive sets quickly and secures a solid bond. It’s unique chemistry possesses no odors. Simply dispense to the block and position against the hoof. No mixing is required and no waste is produced. QuickBlock may be stored cold or warm and has a shelf life of one year!


  • Fast and easy application requiring fewer steps
  • Strong and quick-bonding, sets in 30 seconds, weight bearing in 2-3 minutes.
  • It allows for proper placement of the wood block on the hoof. It allows the block to sit flat on all hooves, even very concave hooves
  • No fumes or odors, safe application in enclosed areas
  • Material can be stored warm or cold Economical—most cost-effective glue and block on the market
  • Be sure to leave a quarter inch of glue between the hoof and block