How to Hoof-it Powder & Liquid


  1. Treat the injured claw
  2. Trim the sound claw as flat, clean and dry as possible
  3. Pour 25ml HOOF-it LIQUID into the Mixing Toe (left or right) up to the measuring line or into the HOOF-it Boot Block
  4. Add approximately 50g of HOOF-it POWDER for a 2:1 ratio, mixing into a paste with the included wood spatula.
  5. WOOD BLOCK & TOE: Place wood block into Mixing Toe touching toe of block into front tip of Mixing Toe firmly seating the block into the Mixing Toe.
  6. Using spatula, spread paste thickly and evenly on wood or BootBlock
  7. Press block onto cow’s prepared sound claw, leaving a layer of glue to adhere block to claw (approx. 1/8”)
  8. Spread excess glue thickly and evenly along edges of block and claw
  9. Hold block to claw until mixture hardens (2-3 minutes)
  10. Let cow stand on block before releasing