Lab Services - On Farm & Diagnostic

Lab Services

We offer a full selection of convenient on-farm and diagnostic testing options that are low stress for your animals and help you reduce the guesswork involved in caring for your herd. Download Lab Testing Brochure.

On-Farm Laboratory Services

Objective: Evaluate current practices on-farm and learn how to continue monitoring for future success. 

  • Milk Culture
  • Somatic Cell Count
  • Ketosis
  • Total Protein
  • Colostrum Testing
  • Scours Screening
  • Drug Residue


Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Objective: Evaluate current conditions through the assistance of a diagnostic lab to make the best treatment decisions. 


Please contact your ANIMART Sales Representative for additional inquiries on:

  • Please note, it is best for samples to not be in transit over the weekend or a holiday.  For this reason, be familiar with the transit time from your place of residence to Portland, OR.

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