Lactic Acid Based Teat Dips

Lacterol 128 Plus™

• Fast acting, moisturizing, non-iodine pre/post dip providing skin conditioning.

• Aids in reducing the bacteria that causes mastitis.

• Recognized by NMC as a highly effective combination providing broad spectrum protection against mastitis causing pathogens.

• Does not contain aggressive oxidizers like iodine, chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide.

• Ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

• Broad spectrum kill because of the synergistic relationship between lactic acid and several germicidal acids.

• Compatible with iodine-based products, but is not compatible with chlorhexidine or bleach-based products.

• Can be used as as a spray, foam or dip.

• Can be ordered with water resistant barrier protection.

• Distinctive red color.

NPE Free

Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE’s) are endocrine disrupters. Only 17% is biodegradable with the rest reaching the water and soil. There are a number of ill effects caused by Nonylphenols to humans and wildlife including but not limited to reproductive disorders, birth defects and suspected links to cancer.