Animal Health Products Supplier - 10 Important Factors

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Understanding the ins and outs of your animal health products supplier will help you save money and time. Every last detail, from product selection to shipment fees, can make a big difference.  What is your animal health products provider giving you to support your efforts?  Here are a few things you should demand:

  1. Exceptional Support - You should always be able to speak with a real person, regardless of whether it is the business' customer support service or your personal sales consultant.
  2. Expertise in Animal Health Products - Your sales consultant as well as your customer support personnel should be well-informed about their animal health products, use, and price.
  3. Product Selection - A wide selection of animal health products is an absolute must have. A greater variety of animal health products will provide you with more choices, and your sales representative should be able to help you figure out which is best suited for your practices.
  4. Competitive Pricing - If you compare costs with other providers, your supplier's prices should be competitive. When you are spending more money for the same animal health products a different company sells for less, you should contemplate the difference in price. Maybe there's a reason behind the price disparity, but if it is simply marked-up you should think about looking for other available options.
  5. Prescriptions - Your provider should be able to take care of prescriptions regardless of whether it is through a supplied veterinarian or your own personal one.
  6. Around the Clock Availability for Ordering - You should be able to place an order for your animal health products by either going online, telephone, fax, or in person at any given time.
  7. Multiple Payment Options
  8. Simple Returns - Be sure the supplier's return policy satisfies your requirements. Expired or damaged animal health products and merchandise with shortages should always be returnable.
  9. Rebates and Specials - An excellent distributor will usually provide rebates and other programs to reward you for purchasing their animal health products.
  10. Industry Support - Your supplier should be active in the industry as well as have a vast amount of knowledge of the animal health products business.

Does your present animal health products supplier live up to these standards? At ANIMART we understand that choosing an animal health products distributor is among the biggest farm decisions you’ll have to make.  Don’t trust your animal health products with just anyone, leave them to ANIMART!

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