Top 10 Fresh Cow Products

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It’s the most critical time of a cow’s life, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared with the wrong or insufficient cow products.  Those first 10 days post-calving can make or break a cow, and your livelihood depends on getting that fresh cow up and running as soon as possible.  Failing to do so can result in potentially huge profit losses, not only from the value of the cow herself, but in her future calves and production.  Preparation is key to fresh cow success, and that’s why all medicine cabinets should be stocked with these fresh cow products: 

  1. Cow products for Ketosis Treatment - Dextrose is one of the relatively cheaper cow products to stock up on and is a great way to treat ketosis and provide extra carbohydrates.  A steroid such as dexamethasone will help get the cow back up and running, but should be used minimally since it reduces immunity.  Ketone urine strips, propylene glycol, and Ca+ propionate are other fresh cow products to keep on hand for ketosis.
  2. Cow products for Milk Fever Treatment- Some form of Calcium IV fluid should be purchased in advance for cows that come down with milk fever.  Other calcium cow products such as oral gels, boluses, drinks, or drenches can also be used.  Remember, milk fever has a relatively quick onset and cow products for treatment should always be kept on hand rather than waiting for the vet to bring them or running to the nearest animal health store.  The quicker you get the fluid into the cow, the sooner she can recover.
  3. Pro-biotics - A pro-biotic can be administered to help a cow get through adverse conditions or times of stress.   They come in many different forms for easy administration.  A bolus can be beneficial, especially when the cow is not eating and a feed additive wont work. 
  4. Bloat Treatment - A form of bloat treatment should be readily available in case of the overconsumption of grain or legumes.  Drenching products and charcoal-based gels are available for use from a cow products distributor.  These cow products should always be kept on hand, whether or not for treating bloat, as they are effective in the treatment of poisoning. 
  5. Restraint - Producers often forget about restraint until they need it the most- when trying to treat the animal.  A few polypropylene halters should be easily accessed from any part of the barn for easier treatment.  Also consider purchasing a set of hobbles from your cow products supplier to provide stability for cows after a difficult calving or case of milk fever.
  6. Drenching Cow Products and  Equipment - A stomach pump or less expensive drenching gun is needed to administer any type of fluid or drench.  These types of cow products become critical when a cow refuses to drink fluids.  These are not sold everywhere and are one of the more expensive cow products so running to the nearest farm supply store to make a last minute purchase is not recommended.
  7. Edema Relief - Keeping your fresh cow comfortable is a must, so having a form of edema relief is essential.  There are many cow products for edema relief including creams, balms, and gels to minimize and reduce swelling of the udder.  Most of these cow products will also help alleviate mastitis with the right protocol.  Also consider having a form of wound spray or cream around to help heal udder and teat sores commonly found upon calving.
  8. Fluids - No matter if it’s water, electrolytes, IV fluids, or drenches, getting fluids into a fresh cow is critical.  Cows should always be offered water upon calving, but in many instances this wont be enough, and you’ll have to have a “Plan B” for getting fluids into her.
  9. IV Set - for fluid therapy are often necessary at calving so you should always have a clean, durable IV set ready.  Consider the size of the bottles you’ll be administering so that you can purchase a set that fits all bottle sizes or the specific size you’ll need.  Also consider having an extra needle on hand. Your cow products supplier should have a wide variety of needles and should be able to help you find the needles and syringes you need.
  10. Other Must-Have Cow Products - Many cow products were covered above, but no less important are these other must-have items.  Farms should be equipped with balling guns, syringes, needles, antibiotics, and a form of ID for treated cows. 

Are all of these cow products in your medicine cabinet?  At ANIMART we provide a full selection of these supplies and more! Consult with your veterinarian to see what fresh cow products will be of the most benefit to your operation.  Fresh cow success is critical to the future achievement of your herd - so it’s always best to be prepared.  Losing a cow due to lack of cow products or preparation is not a thought you want to sleep on.

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