Pre Dry-Off Program - Easy Preg Milk Test & Johne's Milk Test Combo

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EasyPreg is an accurate milk pregnancy test designed to confirm pregnancy in cattle prior to dry off. Additionally, Johne’s Disease is an incurable, infectious bacterial disease of livestock that primarily affects the intestinal tract. It is spread from one animal to another in manure-tainted food or water or through colostrum.

Feeding newborn calves colostrum from a Johne’s positive cow increases that calf’s chance of being infected with the Johne’s bacterial disease. If a calf becomes infected, there is a higher risk of infecting other calves throughout its’ life.

It can be beneficial and cost-effective to run both of these tests prior to dry off, by confirming that the cow is pregnant and is Johne’s negative. Chances are you have heard or have had it happen where you were advised that a cow was pregnant, but the cow aborted without your knowledge or the confirmation of pregnancy was inaccurate. The cow is dried off, to find out later that she is not pregnant. You are now stuck with a cow until meat withhold has been met because of the dry treatment therapy. Also verifying she is Johne’s negative protects the future of your herd from being exposed to this wasting disease.

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