HOOF-It QuickBlock+ fast-curing, simple one-step polyurethane hoof blocking system.

QuickBlock - Cartridge Family
Available in 160 mL and 200 mL

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with our bovine UltraBlock® or wooden block system. QuickBlock+® is fast curing within 30 seconds, and easy to work with. Our cartridges will fit into any gun that you have in your trimming block.

QuickBlock+ is a simple one-step process with the mixing done in the tip. One shot to the block and you're done. It just doesn't get any easier than HOOF-it® QuickBlock+®!

Hoof-it® QuickBlock+

  • Polyurethane adhesive blocking system
  • Fast-curing within 30 seconds
  • Simple one-step process with mixing done in the tip
  • Two convenient cartridge sizes: 160 mL and 200 mL