QuickBlock Tips

Helpful HOOF-it QuickBlock Tips

  • For best results, store and use HOOF-it QuickBlock at room temperature (60ºF -80ºF)
  • Do not allow cartridges to be exposed to extreme temperatures for an extended time.  Do not allow to freeze.
  • If product is too warm or cold, bring slowly to proper temperature with warm or cold packs before use
  • Always use the appropriate size HOOF-it Mixing Tips and applicator gun for your cartridge size
  • Make sure cartridge openings are clear (free of any cross contaminated or cured product) prior to screwing on a new mix tip

  • Remove any air bubbles before adhesive starts mixing – tap cartridge with tip pointed up then press plunger to start the mixing process
  • Clean bottom of sound claw thoroughly, removing all loose or stained hoof material, providing a flat, clean and dry claw
  • Do not allow glue to squeeze out between hoof and block, as layer of glue may become too thin
  • Mixing tip may be left on cartridge until next use or mixing tip may be replaced with cap