Services - Residue Avoidance

Veterinary Service Units: 5*

Objective: Limit risks associated with the use of antibiotic treatments.

Records assessment
  • Monitor treatments, withdrawal times and dosage
  • Examine treatment records to determine high-risk areas
  • Set up protocols in computer record system for ease of entry and proper withholding
Facility walk-through
  • Review day-to-day operations
  • Assess situations and give recommendations
Treatment protocols
  • Evaluate compliance of treatment protocols
  • Review treatments, withdrawal times and dosages
Employee training and standard operating procedure (SOP) development
  • Assess employee trainings and SOPs
  • Determine areas of procedural deviation
  • Provide guidance on building SOPs and employee training to limit risks of misdiagnoses and improper treatments
* This service involves an initial visit utilizing two VSUs, followed by quarterly visits at one VSU each. Therefore, the total number of VSUs for the year on this service is five.

Soaring Eagle Dairy is always willing to have a new set of eyes come and walk our dairy. Having done the Residue Risk Assessment now has made us change a few things on our dairy that will be beneficial to us, as well as the safety of our animals and the products we produce. In today’s world, we can never be too careful or cautious in what we do. We are all about producing an excellent quality product for our consumers!

Kelly Goehring
Soaring Eagle Dairy








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