Residue Risk Assessment

Why is Residue Avoidance Important?

Drug residues in meat and milk are closely monitored by the FDA. If you have a violation, the following action can be taken against your dairy:

  • Fined for tanker load of milk
  • Milk pick-ups suspended
  • Grade A milk permit suspended
  • Cut-off from shipping dairy animals for meat
  • FDA investigation into records
  • Continuous monitoring and inspection

By working to improve the perception of antibiotic residues in dairy products, we can also increase consumer confidence in our food products.

National Dairy Farmers Drug Residue Manual


What is a Residue Risk Assessment?

A Residue Risk Assessment is a program for your dairy herd to proactively manage and minimize your risk of having a residue violation.

ANIMART's 4-part Residue Risk Assessment includes:

  • Preliminary Questionnaire
  • On-Farm Visits
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Follow-Up Visits

ANIMART has a wide range of On-Farm Testing options available.

Soaring Eagle Dairy is always willing to have a new set of eyes come and walk our dairy.  Having done the Residue Risk Assessment now has made us change a few things on our dairy that will be beneficial  to us, as well as the safety of our animals and the products we produce.  In today’s world, we can never be too careful or cautious in what we do.  We are all about producing an excellent  quality product for our consumers!

Kelly Goehring
Soaring Eagle Dairy









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