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GONAbreed - RX

This Product is Prescription Only
GONAbreed - RX
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**RX** This item requires a valid prescription from a veterinarian. You don’t have a prescription in our system? No problem, enter your veterinarian’s contact information in the “Customer Notes” section during checkout.

Available in 20 mL (20 dose) and 100 mL (100 dose).

GONAbreed (gonadorelin acetate) is the highest concentration of gonadorelin available. It is approved for use with any cloprostenol sodium for synchronization of estrous cycles in lactating dairy and beef cows. 

GONAbreed is a convenient 1 mL dose, which is the highest dose per vial for fewer vial switchouts. GONAbreed now features a blue flip top. 

Dosage: 1 mL IM.

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