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Imrestor - Rx

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Imrestor - Rx
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**RX** This item requires a valid prescription from a veterinarian. You don’t have a prescription in our system? No problem, enter your veterinarian’s contact information in the “Customer Notes” section during checkout.

Available in 10 dose and 50 dose. 

Imrestor is FDA approved for the reduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation in dairy cows and replacement dairy heifers. Imrestor is a protein that helps support the natural function of a dairy cow’s immune system during the critical time around calving, when she is most vulnerable to mastitis.

Dosage and Administration: This is a two-dose regimen. The same dose is used regardless of cow/heifer body weight. Remove surface dirt from the injection site area before injecting. Inject the entire contents of the syringe subcutaneously. Do not reuse the syringe.

Administer the first dose (syringe) 7 days prior to the cow's or heifer's anticipated calving date. If necessary, the first dose may be administered within a range of 4 to 10 days prior to the anticipated calving date to accommodate management schedules. Administer the second dose (syringe) within 24 hours after calving. Animals that calve either less than or more than 7 days after the first dose should receive the second dose within 24 hours after calving. Prior to administration, lmrestor should be visually inspected for particulate matter and discoloration. Imrestor is a near, colorless solution and may contain a few small, translucent or while particles. Imrestor should not be used if it is discolored or cloudy, or if other particulate matter is present. Do not shake or tap the syringe prior to use.

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