Nuplura PH

Nuplura PH
Size 10 Dose and 50 Dose
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Available in 10 and 50 dose.

Provides immunity within 10 days postvaccination against bovine pneumonia caused by Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica.

Contains only purified leukotoxin to deliver the strongest immune response with minimal reactivity. 
The advanced technology used to prepare NUPLURA PH means that calves receive the purest form of antigen for safe, reliable and fast-acting protection.
Dosage: 2 mL dose SQ in the neck following Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. Administer 2 mL booster dose prior to periods of stress or elevated risk of exposure. 60 slaughter withhold.

*50 dose is currently on manufacture backorder. Please purchase 10 dose or call for more information.

This product cannot be shipped into Canada.

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This product cannot be shipped into Canada.

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