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BlueLite® Replenish M

BlueLite® Replenish M
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Available in 4 oz (1 dose), 1 gal (32 doses) and 55 gal (1,760 doses)

Reformulated with molasses flavoring to help improve palatability and present a stable, rich caramel brown coloring. The name, Bluelite Replenish M, reinforces the molasses flavoring and color.

Bluelite Replenish M is a liquid oral rehydration solution for calves. Use it during all stages of scours, when calves are slow to drink milk or when there are visible signs of weakness and stress. 

  • Supports sodium absorption
  • Maintains energy 
  • Maintains a low abomasal pH to support healthy digestive tract
  • Position stable - no stratification  

Directions for Use:
Provide 120 ml or 4 fluid ounces of liquid BlueLite® Replenishᴹ into every 2 quarts of water consumed on a daily basis. In all feeding situations provide fresh water on a free-choice basis. Continue feeding BlueLite Replenishᴹ as necessary.

*Our vets recommend not mixing with milk - it may cause osmotic diarrhea

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