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Calf-Master MV w/BovaZyme

Calf-Master MV w/BovaZyme
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Available in 20 lb. pail.

High energy, all-natural protein supplement designed to help calves and dairy cows improve productivity. Contains BovaZyme, a proprietary package of targeted enzymes, is specificially formulated to aid in maximizing nutrient digestibility.

Direct-fed microbials optimize beneficial microbial populations and help minimize the effects of stress. Use to supplement all rations to ensure optimum utilization of nutrients and maximize performance.

Primary Ingredients: Molasses, all-natural proteins, trace minerals, direct-fed microbials and enzymes.

Dosage: Provide free of choice to calves of any age (biggest benefit coming in post-weaning socialization). A 20 lb. tub will last 4 calves up to 3 weeks on average.

Weight 20.00 lbs
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