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Calf-Tel Universal Starter Bowl

Calf-Tel Universal Starter Bowl
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Available in beige, 2 qt bowl.

The Calf-Tel Universal Starter Bowl is the ideal solution for getting calves started on solids, bringing the feed closer to the calf.

  • Made from the same material as our hutches. Our own blend of ultra-durable, polyethylene plastic in “Calf-Tel beige”
    • Contrast color allows for easy visibility of feed
    • UV Protected and won’t break down over time
  • Shallow, rounded bowl allows for easy access to all the feed
  • Fits directly in any pail holder
  • Can be set inside and used in conjunction with Calf-Tel standard pails
  • Can be set inside Calf-Tel Direct Attach pails
  • 8" opening with 1.5" brim provides ample security for most pail set-ups
  • Holds approx. 3 lbs of calf grain or over 2 quarts of liquid. (Not designed to be used as a measuring device.)

Weight 0.75 lbs
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