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Available in 10/bag. Applicator sold seperately.

Successful breeding just got easier.  Eazi-Breed CIDR Cattle Insert can improve the timing and efficiency of a dairy breeding program. 

It helps to improve the effectiveness of reproduction programs by tightening estrus synchronization so groups of cows and heifers come into heat and can be bred in a narrow window. Groups of cows also can be synchronized to return to estrus after insemination for potential rebreeding in a desired time frame.

Lutalyse is the only prostaglandin product on the market approved for concurrent use with Eazi-Breed CIDR in synchronization protocols of lactating dairy cows.

Key Benefits:

  • More cows and heifers become pregnant earlier, resulting in higher pregnancy rates
  • Easier and more accurate heat detection
  • More focused heat detection and easier AI breeding within a narrower window of time
  • Heifers freshening at a younger and more consistent age
  • Accurate breeding and calving dates
  •  Improved efficiencies in labor management

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