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Euro-Softy Nipple W/Intake Elbow

Euro-Softy Nipple W/Intake Elbow
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The Euro-Softy teat has been designed to replace the complex teat and valve assemblies used in many feeding buckets of European/USA origin. The Euro-Softy teat is simply pulled through the standard 36-38mm teat hole of these buckets.
The advantages of this teat are that it is much softer and more natural for the calf to suckle, and it will last a very long time. Also the inverted tip design allows for fast flow of milk as soon as the calf suckles, but then does not leak when the calf is not suckling.
The intake elbow assists the teat to drain all the milk from the bucket. The intake elbow incorporates a non-return valve which makes suckling easier for new-born calves.

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