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First Arrival® w/ Encrypt® - Powder

First Arrival® w/ Encrypt® - Powder
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For use in organic production: Verify with your certifier prior to use.
Available in 800 gm packet, 4,000 and 8,000 gm pails and 45 lb box. Also available as a paste in 60 gm tube
First Arrival®Calf Formula, w/Encrypt®, is a targeted feed supplement specially formulated to help a newborn calf build a strong immune system.
When fed for 14 days, its innovative formula provides targeted proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid-forming bacteria, and beneficial organic compounds that better enable a newborn calf to fight pathogens.
Safe, fast acting, all natural First Arrival® w/Encrypt® targets 98% of the pathogens that cause scours and malnutrition.
  • Encrypt® aids in inhibiting growth of pathogens
  • Concentrates on the most common digestive pathogens
  • Micro-encapsulation protects our lactic acid producing bacteria
  • Users report up to 60% reduction in antibiotic costs
  • Dark gray powder shows passage and proper use
  • Easy to use – buckets, bottles and hands clean up easily
Dosage: 10 grams per feeding (2X daily) for the first two days. For the next 12 days, provide 5 grams per feeding (2X daily). If scours symptoms occur, dosage may be doubled. For best results, feed at 101° F.

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