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Multi Mineral Copper Sulfate

Multi Mineral Copper Sulfate
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Dramatically improves the effectiveness of conventional foot bath solutions, cuts copper sulfate, zinc sulfate or formaldehyde usage in about half. Best results with less material and a lower cost. Reduced copper disposal by more than 40%. Formula of copper sulfate pentahydrate, citric acid and zinc sulfate which offers more effective results (versus copper sulfate or zinc sulfate alone) on certain bacterial strains which are known to cause hairy warts. Reduced bath replenishment because the acidifier ensures that the copper and zinc stay active in solution longer versus copper sulfate. Change footbath every 150-200 cows. Made in the USA and are arsenic free. Use a 2-3% solution for footbaths • 2% solution: mix 4 lbs product mixed with 25 gal water • 3% solution: mix 6 lbs product mixed with 25 gal water


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Weight 50.00 lbs
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