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TheraCaf® PLUS

TheraCaf® PLUS
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Available in 4 oz and 25 lb

Optimize gut health and improve hydration for stressed or scouring calves. TheraCaf PLUS contains functional proteins and yeast extract to optimize gut health, and an ideal balance of electrolytes, energy and glycine to support rapid absorption of fluid and electrolytes. Sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate, sodium acetate and potassium citrate help to optimize blood pH (metabolic acidosis is associated with dehydration). 

Feeding Directions: Mix 4 oz into 2 qt warm water. Stir to dissolve.
For newly-arrived calves, feed twice daily for 3 consecutive days.
For scouring calves, feed 1-3 times daily depending on scours severity and degree of dehydration. Continue feeding until symptoms resolve. Continue to feed milk replacer or whole milk.

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