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Uterine Proteolytic Bolus

Uterine Proteolytic Bolus
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Available in 50 ct.
A nonmedicated urea bolus for use as an antiseptic and proteolytic aid in dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep.
1. Do not administer orally.
2. Do not use in deep wounds or for burns.
3.To prevent introduction of infection, stringent hygiene must be observed.
Completely cleanse external area of animal with warm soapy water prior to inserting bolus or flush. Additional cleansing with approved disinfectant is preferred. Applicator should thoroughly cleanse arms and hands before treating animals.
Dosage: Cattle 2-4 Boluses
Directions: Insert boluses directly into uterus or dissolve four boluses in 16 oz warm water for preparation of an intrauterine flush.

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