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What are ANIMART Technical Bulletins?

ANIMART Technical Bulletins are written for you, the producer, by our staff veterinarians. These easy-to-follow, printable flyers are a great resource for your operation. For more information, feel free to use our Ask-A-Vet feature or call our professional service staff at 866.986.9404.

As a bonus to our Technical Bulletins ANIMART's Veterinarians offer their knowledge on important issues happening in the dairy industry in the Beyond Products Blog Issue of the Week.

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Pinkeye is a common infectious disease affecting one or both eyes of cattle. Pinkeye is commonly caused by an infectious bacteria known as Moraxella bovis. Other emerging causative agents include Moraxella bovoculi and Mycoplasma bovoculi. Infection typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks, but can last longer. As the eye heals, scar tissue will gradually disappear and vision will be restored. In severe cases, a white scar may persist and interfere with vision or result in permanent blindness. Pinkeye is spread by face flies and house flies feeding on secretions and then traveling from animal to animal or by direct rubbing of eye secretions between animals.

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Calf Pneumonia

Pneumonia, also known as shipping fever or bovine respiratory disease (BRD), is the second most common cause of calf death. Calves have very small lungs compared to their body size so any pneumonia episode will cause a certain degree of permanent lung damage, making it difficult for the calf to thrive. Calves most commonly get pneumonia after a period of stress (such as weaning, dehorning, castrating, or moving). When stressed, a calf’s immune response decreases, allowing viruses or bacteria to grow in the lungs and cause disease. Pneumonia is a very expensive disease due to decreased weight gain and increase treatment costs. Preventing pneumonia is the best option for superior calves.

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