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What are ANIMART Technical Bulletins?

ANIMART Technical Bulletins are written for you, the producer, by our staff veterinarians. These easy-to-follow, printable flyers are a great resource for your operation. For more information, feel free to use our Ask-A-Vet feature or call our professional service staff at 866.986.9404.

As a bonus to our Technical Bulletins ANIMART's Veterinarians offer their knowledge on important issues happening in the dairy industry in the Beyond Products Blog Issue of the Week.

Featured Article:

Colostrum Replacers

Why is Colostrum Important?

When calves are born, their immune system is barely functional. In order to be protected from bacteria and viruses in the environment, calves need to aquire antibodies or immunoglobulins (IgG), from their mothers. Colostrum contains a very high level of antibodies.

  • Calves can ONLY get IgGs from colostrum
  • IgGs are absorbed by a calf straight through the gut into their bloodstream
  • IgG provides almost immediate protection from pathogens
  • Failure of passive transfer (FPT) is when a calf does not receive or absorb enough IgG from colostrum
    • These calves are much more likely to get sick and die, thus increasing treatment costs

Preventing FPT by providing adequate colostrum is significantly less expensive than treating sick calves or losing valuable replacements. All calves should receive 1 gallon of high quality colostrum within 1 hour of birth.

Click here for the Colostrum Replacer Tech Bulletin