ANIMART is committed to bringing you solutions to help your dairy and livestock business succeed. Here is what our clients have experienced working with us first-hand.

“ANIMART provides good services at very competitive prices. ANIMART might not always have the best price on every product, but with ANIMART’s extra service and personable sales reps, it’s worth doing business with ANIMART. It all comes back to having a local rep that works for the dairyman, and we have that in our local ANIMART rep.”

Latham Dairy, Boscobel WI

  Latham Dairy

“It is convenient to do business with ANIMART. By them doing the rebate programs and not having to keep track of everything is a big help. I don’t have time to keep track of everything and take care of paper work like that. ANIMART has helped us find solutions for our dairy by giving us different product options that we can consult with our veterinarian, with our feed consultants and with our breeders to see what works better. When I think of ANIMART, I think good service.”

Hans Breitenmoser Farm, Merrill WI

  Laurie Herdwoman
“ANIMART has a very large supply of everything that we need from aprons for our milkers to medications for our cows. ANIMART’s animal health products inventory is so diverse. The next day delivery is awesome. I can fax my order by 2 pm on one day and the order is there the next afternoon. It makes a big difference having our salesman explaining products instead of getting the product in the mail. If I have a question, he finds the answer and gets back to me. We work very well with our salesman because he does whatever he can do, in everyway possible, to work with us. It makes it very easy for us to stay customers of ANIMART.”

Double P Dairy, Marathon WI

  Kari from Double P Dairy
“ANIMART has outstanding customer service, wonderful support staff and convenient accessibility. That’s how they got so much of our business, because they cater to my needs. If they don’t have the answer they do the research or they call the appropriate people. ANIMART is a wonderful representation of how distributors should be with their clients.”

Siemers Holsteins, Newton WI

  Siemers Holsteins
“ANIMART presented us with a price list on the products we were currently buying from our veterinarian and ANIMART was pretty competitive on their price list. I partnered with ANIMART because of their competitive pricing, great customer service, and their willingness to help out with anything that we need without the necessary charge of a consultation per hour.”

Wayside Dairy, Wayside WI

  Jeremy from Wayside Dairy
“We always get new promotions and different kinds of brochures from ANIMART with what is new in the dairy industry and new product information. When I think of ANIMART, I think of a company that provides dairy products at good prices.”

Lambrecht Farms, Kewaunee WI

  Jeff from Lambrecht Farms

“ANIMART has all the products and information that we need at a great value. ANIMART offers new animal health products and other livestock  supplies for us to try. They always keep us up-to-date on the latest information in the dairy industry, whether it is for products or solutions to improve our operation. ANIMART’s follow up is great, they’re not just delivering the products, they’re asking questions about what they can do differently to help our business succeed.”

Helt Farms, Dane WI

  Devon of Helt Farms
“I choose to partner with ANIMART because of convenience, selection and service. They have what I need and if for whatever reason I didn’t order enough of what I needed, they can always get it to me by the time I do need it. I’ve used some of the veterinarians on staff and discuss questions with them for protocols. I use their knowledge of what they see, not only in a small area, but also in the very large areas that they cover. ANIMART is a quality business.

Seidl’s Mountain View Dairy LLC, Luxemburg WI

  Barry of Seidl's Mountain View Dairy

“I chose ANIMART because they support organizations, such as Dairy Business Association (DBA), Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW), the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA) and FFA. A lot of companies don’t do that and I feel that it is important that in a lot of ANIMART promotions they give money back to those organizations. That is how a lot of youth and dairy producers learn things and come together as a group.”

Jauquet Dairy, Luxemburg WI

  Stacy of Jauquet Dairy
“ANIMART is a can-do vendor! ANIMART is more aggressive at finding product than most companies. I choose to partner with ANIMART based on prices, products, on the road convenience, and the variety of selection.”

Dairy Dreams, Casco WI

  Don of Dairy Dreams
“In the beginning ANIMART came to me and introduced me to their business and how they could better serve us. We partnered with ANIMART because we like the truck delivery and I like the personal attention we get from the staff. Everybody is always very friendly and helpful. They always call me back when they say they will.”

Zahn Dairy, Gillet WI

  Kathy of Zahn Dairy
“ANIMART has great customer service because they have the right people. I’ve always like working with my salesman. He’s just a great guy to work with. I think he knows his products well. If I ask him technical questions he has a sound knowledge base. If I have any issues on the dairy, they find the solutions. ANIMART has such a broad variety of animal health products, if I need something there’s a good chance ANIMART has it.”

Reible Farms, Sauk City WI

  Harley of Reible Farms
“ANIMART is a resource to ask questions about alternative products. ANIMART finds a way that we can be more economical with solutions to our problems. Having the on-staff veterinarians to call on to share their experience on a variety of products that we might not be familiar with is a nice benefit to their service. ANIMART establishes outstanding customer service through their communications. With catalogs, mailers, sales persons and the internet, ANIMART keeps the producer up-to-date and informed with a variety of helpful communications.”

Woodman WI

  Jason of Woodman WI
“After reviewing the products and prices, we thought ANIMART was better than everybody else. Their customer service is awesome! Our business with ANIMART is convenient because I can e-mail, text, or call in an order and have results in minutes. ANIMART carries 99% of everything out there and most places don’t have that large of a warehouse with products competitively priced. I’ve learned and reviewed products in the ANIMART monthly dairy newsletter and tried some new things that have worked on our dairy.”

OrthRidge Registered Jerseys, Lancaster WI

  Derek of OrthRidge Registered Jerseys

“You can depend on ANIMART. I like how ANIMART follows up with rebates so that I don’t have to take care of it. When I think of ANIMART, I think – good service for the customer. They are great at getting the product to me when I want it. If I order something overnight, its here the next day.”

Dutch Dairy, Thorp WI

  Sander of Dutch Dairy

“I enjoy working with ANIMART as they have a greater product selection and their people are more personable. Whenever we have a question, we call our sales rep and he recommends solutions or else he gets us in contact with one of the ANIMART veterinarians. Working with the veterinarian has helped when we are switching vaccines. He educates us on vaccine protocols and arranges for the product rep to come to our farm so that we can talk directly to them.”

Liquid Coin Dairy, Milladore WI

  Scott of Liquid Coin Dairy
“I chose to partner with ANIMART because the animal health products were more reasonable in price and I get prompt service. They are just a phone call away. I just call and it’s delivered. I have found solutions for the dairy by calling and listening to what our salesman and the veterinarian suggests. ANIMART has what I need.”
Gumz Farms Inc., Colby WI
  Duane of Gumz Farms