Milk Quality Starts With The Udder Singe Advantage

Milk Quality
Good sanitation leads to higher milk quality. Better milk quality results in higher premiums and larger milk checks. Prevention is always better than treatment, so why risk poor milk quality with mastitis and higher somatic cell counts?
Environmentally Friendly
By eliminating long hair using Udder Singe, there is less accumulation of mud and manure. You use less water and increase overall sanitation, thus teat dip is more effective. With less water to dispose of, your dairy becomes more environmentally friendly through the use of Udder Singe.
Singeing udders reduces environmental and sub-clinical mastitis, bacteria and somatic cell count.  It also helps prevent Johne's disease in newborn calves. With short hair, there is less mud and manure accumulation for newborn calves to ingest. 
Fast • Easy • Safe • Effective  
Udder Singe uses a low temperature flame to remove hair from the udder and belly to aid in reducing mastitis incidences and somatic cell counts, thereby increasing milk quality.
Udder Singe is designed to remove hair quickly and painlessly, using a 2-3" cool flame, eliminating the need to clip udders. The Udder Singe wand should be held about 2-4" below the udder and belly to make a quick pass to singe off hair that can trap in mastitis and high somatic cell causing debris and bacteria. 
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